Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Theater (Surgery in Ghana)

          On Friday I observed surgery at Ridge hospital. Here operating rooms are called theaters.  I watched two hernia repairs and two c-sections. Surgery here is done while the patients are awake. When I first walked into the OR it was strange hearing the patient talking to the surgeon. The patients are awake since it requires less observation and removes the risk of side affects from general anesthesia. The c-sections were awesome to observe. I think I liked them more than any other surgery I’ve even seen. I did learn that I can handle a significant amount of blood. In one of the c-sections the mother started bleeding. The blood was everywhere even the floor, since the surgeon couldn’t suction the blood out fast enough. The mother received a transfusion and she and the baby were fine. I guess it’s good to know that blood doesn’t bother me.   

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