Monday, June 25, 2012


5:15 this morning we woke and left for Accra. We toured the national museum of Ghana and then left for orientation. We met with the head of health services of Accra about the medical problems plaguing Ghana. Malaria is the number one health concern, followed by cholera. Accra has exploded in population with people moving to the cities for work, but the work is scarce. Unemployment is about 20 percent. This has lead to massive slums, which lack running water and basic sanitation. Sanitation is Accra is a major problem only about 75 percent of solid waste is collected. This has led to dirty, smelly streets. Also, animals like cows, sheep, goats, and chickens roam the streets. We visited the market in Accra and I witnessed the sanitation problems first hand. I was very uncomfortable in the market – it was crowded like NYC on New Years Eve with vendors and people everywhere. The buildings are not even constructed well, they are thrown together with whatever the people have. The vendors are selling everything from fruit to hair dryers. We did not buy anything, since Dr. Anderson said that other towns have better souvenirs.
            On the drive home we saw the first American fast food chain to arrive in Ghana – KFC. This KFC had three levels and was one of the most elaborate KFCs I have ever seen. McDonalds is set to arrive sometime next year.  The food in Ghana is very, very spicy. I haven’t really found anything I am enjoying except the mangos and pineapple. For now I’m surviving off a PBJ for breakfast, fruit, and snacks from home.

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