Sunday, July 15, 2012

Canopy Walk

Yesterday was one of my favorite days so far in Ghana. We went for the canopy walk in the rainforest  at Kakum National Park. It was AWESOME. You walk on rope suspension bridges from tree to tree. The bridge is made of a ladder with a wooded board over the ladder with nets on both sides. There were 7 bridges in total suspended about 130 feet above the ground.   We were above some of the treetops. I LOVED it. Only 4 of these specific bridges have ever been constructed – one here in Ghana, Malaysia, China, and Peru. If you ever make it to Ghana I highly recommend visiting this park. We had fun just walking through the rainforest. I saw the largest bamboo tree I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately we didn’t see any animals, but if I ever return I want to stay in one of the tree houses over night. Most of the jungle animals like leopards are nocturnal so they lead tours at night from these tree houses deep in the forest. 

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