Saturday, July 7, 2012

Washing Clothes

       So after two weeks I caved in and decided it was time to wash clothes. Here that means washing them by hand and hanging them on the clothesline. After working the clinic and eating lunch I mentioned that I was going to wash clothes. The boys immediately asked if they could join me. Of course I said yes and headed to grab my clothes and laundry soap. I asked Claire (one of the sisters that lives at the house) where we could get the washbasin, she went and got it for us and we headed outside to wash our clothes. Explaining how to hand wash clothes to two clueless college boys when I barely know how to was an epic failure. After about 5 minutes another sister, Jennifer, came out and said, “Just wash your underwear. I’ll do the rest tomorrow. You look like your suffering.”  This was only after the family watched from the kitchen hysterically laughing. I’m glad I could be someone’s entertainment!

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