Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Community Work

           Today was our first day of community work and it was a success! We set up our clinic in a local Methodist Church from 8am to 1pm. Ghanaian’s are very early people, so by afternoon people stop coming. We screened over 100 people – mostly women from age 19 to 80 something. The lady couldn’t remember her age. I guess that happens if you live long enough! Over all the women were fairly healthy. Hypertension is the biggest health issue facing Ghanaians and other Africans even African-Americans. I was running the glucose and hemoglobin station with James and Gene. I can now confidently prick just about anyone’s finger. Our equipment is not the latest technology hence we have to collect a good amount of blood to run these tests. By using older technology we are allowed to screen more people since the tests are cheaper to run.
            It has poured down rain here all day long and our electricity has been out. As I write this we are all sitting in the living room reading by book light or on our laptops. Hopefully the power will return soon and the rain will stop before tomorrow. Tomorrow we are setting up outside in the town square. Muddy streets and wet clients will nota provide the best environment for wellness checks. Pray for dry weather!

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