Saturday, July 7, 2012

Favorite Things

It has come to my attention that I haven’t really shared my favorite things about Ghana. So here's a few. 
1.     The mangos. They are triple the size of American mangos and much sweeter.
2.     The friends I’ve made here. With only 5 students we have bonded quickly.
3.     The family we are living with. They have graciously invited us into their home for 4 of the 6 weeks we are here. The mom is dr. Anderson’s sister. They feed us twice a day and even hand wash our clothes. (Please read the next post.)
4.     Getting to improve the quality of the people’s health care. I really enjoy screening the people here. 
5.     The children that light up when you give them a mint.
6.     My cell phone. If you ever travel to Ghana, Vodafone works everywhere. Even in the most remote villages. Their internet card also works everywhere. Hints the reason I am able to update this blog so often.
7.     The cheap prices here. One American dollar equals about 1.7 Ghana Cedis.
8.     The awesome views from our home. We are staying in the mountains about 30 miles outside the capital. It is much safer and very clean compared to the capital.
9.     Milo. It’s a type of hot chocolate the Ghanaians drink every morning. Its not as sweet as American hot chocolate and its caffeine free. It’s my coffee substitute while I’m here.    


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