Wednesday, July 18, 2012


So I haven’t had much to blog about lately since I’ve been exhausted from community work in Takoradi. This week we have consistently screened over 150 patients each day. We open are clinics at 8am and stay until the people stop coming. Everyday this week people have been lined up waiting for us when we arrive. It's still a bit odd for me to think about how much these people respect us. They arrive early and patiently wait for us.  We probably even saved one women’s life. She was complaining about abdominal pain, shortness of breath, her blood pressure was sky high, and her feet were severally swollen. Thankfully James recognized her symptoms. Dr. Anderson made a call ahead to the hospital and our driver with James rushed her to the hospital. She was having a heart attack with classic symptoms for women. (FYI men and women have VERY different heart-attack symptoms.) We have not heard from this lady, so we are assuming she is okay. Also yesterday I got measured for a dress. We are attending Dr. Anderson’s grandfather’s funeral on Friday and I needed a black dress. So with Claire I went to the market and bought the fabric. We then took it to the seamstress to get the dress made. The entire dress was only 23 cedis. As many of you know I’m not much for shopping so picking out a pattern for the dress and then the fabric was a bit overwhelming. I’m very glad Claire knew exactly where to take Emily and me, otherwise I would have been completely lost. I’ll keep you posted on how the dress turns out. 

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