Monday, July 2, 2012

Beaches, Nasty Beaches

Yesterday, we decided to adventure to the beach in Accra. We thought a relaxing day at the beach would be nice. So, we got a ride with Dr. Anderson to the beach since he was already going to his family’s meeting in Accra about his grandfather’s funeral. We arrived at the beach and my picture of a relaxing day at the beach instantly vanished. Trash, piles of trash were waiting to greet us. Along with locals trying to rip foreigners off by charging to walk this nasty beach. We ignored the locals and walked a short piece of the beach before leaving. Dr. Anderson conveniently forgot to mention that he hasn’t been to the beach here in over 15 years.
To all my Athens friends – I am so sorry that y’all suffered through 106-degree temperatures. I guess I will quit complaining about the horrible humidity here since the high is only 80. We don’t have AC, but 80 is nothing compared to 106.
Tomorrow we start community work. We will be checking glucose, height and weight, hemoglobin, lipids, and blood pressure. We practiced on each other today. Pricking each other’s fingers was the easy part, getting the blood onto the slide and into machine is the tricky part. I think we all have it though. Please, pray for us. There is a slight language barrier because of the different accents and some of the patients might be HIV positive. Pray that we are focused. Last year one student accidently stabbed her self with a used lancet. She had to be tested for HIV and thankfully she was negative. 

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